Why Proof Will Never Be Good Enough

As paranormal investigators we are always on the search for that ever elusive “concrete proof”, that one piece of evidence that puts to rest once and for all any doubt or skepticism.

Unfortunately, with the advent of the internet and “information” on demand, our job has been made all the more difficult by wannabes with a camcorder and a YouTube account. Time and time again people are posting footage of alleged “true haunting” and “REAL Ghost caught on film”. The videos are typically sub-standard production values and clearly fake.  However, some are better than others and as amateur filmmakers gain access to high-end editing software that was once only attainable by professionals, the line between amateur and professional becomes blurred and it is suddenly more difficult to determine just “how they did it”.

Below are some examples of such videos. Almost every title has the word “true”, real” or “actual” to drive home the point that these videos are of authentic paranormal activity. If you have a keen eye and some patience you can see for yourself that the videos have been manipulated.

With that said, the down side is that because of the flood of faked paranormal videos on the internet and the level of realism the filmmakers can now achieve, even if a paranormal investigator truly captures that ever-elusive 100% legitimate proof…who will believe it?

This video is part of an ongoing series. The gentleman seems to always capture activity on film but it never happens when he is present and he refuses to let anyone into his flat to investigate. Several videos exist of people debunking his claims and yet he continues to post them. He must be trying to get a Hollywood job.

This video has a sort of creepiness factor to it and the girls’ reaction seems pretty authentic and genuinely freaked out. However, the messy edits and the unexplained sudden jump from inside to outdoors lets us know that this video has been altered.

This obviously faked video claiming to be true evidence of a “ghost caught on film” starts with the obligatory disclaimer at the beginning making the claim. If the filmmaker promises it is real then it must be. We also now know, thanks to this video and thousands just like it, that all ghosts caught on film are of creepy young girls that look like they are casting rejects from “The Ring” and “The Grudge”.

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