The Honor System: Remembering Your Place in The World of Paranormal Investigations

The Nyberg Building at the Booneville TB Sanatorium

 There may be times when a business or homeowner asks your group to rid them of an unwanted supernatural presence.  

It is in these circumstances, and only these, that it is acceptable to perform these rituals. A disheartening trend has been rearing its head within the community lately and is usually done at the hands of unethical groups whose greed and self-serving behaviors ruin something that is intended for everyone.   

In any city or town there are well-known paranormal hot-spots that serve as a training ground for many of the paranormal investigation groups occupying a state.   

Here in Arkansas we have several of these places but none as prominent as the Booneville Tuberculosis Sanatorium. It is our own version of The Waverly and it is known as the most haunted spot in the Natural State.   

The Nyberg building, the main building on campus, is the most haunted and the only building open to groups for investigations. Over the years there has been insurmountable evidence of the paranormal ranging from shadow figures, phantom music, apparitions, and more.   

Because of the amount of activity groups have experienced, the Nyberg building fast became a beacon for paranormal investigators and the benchmark by which all other sites would be measured.   

Imagine the outcry from the community when the owners of the hospital announced that investigations would no longer take place at the facility that for years had served us so well. The reason being: one group ruined it for everyone.   

When investigating a site, not just historical places, groups have a responsibility to uphold and adhere to any instructions specified by the site owners.  Places indicated as off-limits should remain so throughout the investigation. Access to locked doors should not be forced. The doors are locked for a reason, it is not an accident.   

If the facility says “No provoking” then that request should be honored.   

Most importantly though, if a site has not asked you to cleanse the facility, what gives you the right to assume the responsibility to do so?     

Imagine the shock and sorrow of groups, who on the last of the sanctioned investigations, discovered that activity had dwindled to almost non-existent levels only to discover “ritualistic bundles” on the window sills, burnt sage residue and other cleansing paraphernalia within the facility.   

One group took it upon themselves to cleanse the building when they were not asked or instructed to do so. With this one simple act they put into motion a chain of events that ultimately led to the cessation of investigations.   

Not only did they perform a non-sanctioned cleansing which included burning sage in a building that is old and in disrepair, hence posing a fire hazard, they also took it upon themselves to pry open locked doors, access restricted areas and in a blatant display of disrespect, accessed buildings through a tunnel system that was off-limits, to the main administrative building where they rifled through current medical records and more. They did all this in the name of paranormal studies and in doing so they closed access to this wonderful facility.   

By entering restricted areas and not adhering to rules and guidelines established for the preservation of the buildings, its contents and the safety of the groups, this one particular group of amateurs not only damaged the reputation of the Nyberg building and ran off the ghosts that haunted it, they put an end to the generosity that had been at the forefront of the owners of the closed facility.   

It is very important that any group maintain and adhere to their own code of conduct but also to those rules established by facilities such as the Nyberg Building at the Booneville Sanatorium. There are but a few historical places that allow investigations and it is a shame that some groups fail to see the world beyond their own noses. Every poor decision you make has ramifications across the board and it is our responsibility (paranormal investigation groups as a whole) to maintain the integrity of our field and work.   

If we maintain a unified front and do the right thing, we can ensure that the remaining places open to our groups and the world of paranormal investigations continue to allow us access and trust that we hold their interest and properties with high regard and a level of unparalleled professionalism.

2 thoughts on “The Honor System: Remembering Your Place in The World of Paranormal Investigations

    1. At the time this was written there was a moritorium on ghost hunts at the Nyberg Buiding. Recently, I saw posted on another groups facebook page that they had been on a hunt there recently. Perhaps the kind folks who maintain the building have decided to lift the embargo and allow hunts to once again take place. (For a donation to the historical society of course.)

      We would suggest contacting the facility prior to making plans to investigate.

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