OOPSIE CRAZY: Can You Accidentally Summon A Dark Spirit?

When I was a child I had an unhealthy obsession with the movie “Witchboard”.  Looking back on it now, after having watched the movie just recently, I cannot understand why I thought it was the best movie ever made.

The film scared the crap out of me when I was a child and not because of the low production values, poor special effects and Tawny Kitaen’s attempts at professional acting that didn’t involve dancing on the hood of Whitesnake’s car.

What scared me was that there was a way to possibly communicate with the dead. It changed everything I thought knew about the finality of death. Having been raised Catholic, I understood that death was it, the final stop on life’s journey.

After watching the movie for the umpteenth time I begged my mother for a Ouija board. My brother and I launched an all out campaign that consisted of begging, pleading, and we even took the “pathetic” approach and crafted our own Ouija board out of a large sheet of paper and a Dixie cup with the bottom cut out to act as the planchette.  This was apparently the deal sealer; my mother finally relented and ordered our father to take us immediately to Toys r Us to buy a Ouija board.

We convinced her that it was harmless, that it was cheap, and that it was made by Parker Brothers so therefore it was only a game.

To say that I became obsessed with the board is the understatement of the decade. It started out painfully slow. The planchette moved but a fraction of an inch per minute and I was disheartened that it was nothing like it was in the movie.

My brother, sister and I would sit around, taking turns partnering up to use the board. We knew that we should not use it alone, that was the strongest message we took from the movie and possession by an evil spirit was not on our “to do” list.

It is important to know that by this time, even though I was in my pre-teens, I already had a strong interest in what I would later come to know as the paranormal. I was obsessed with “The Mysteries of the Unknown” books by Time Life. You know the ones they used to hock on those commercials where the phone operator who was standing by would entice you into purchase with a free tote bag or a free travelling alarm clock? I was reading about ghosts, hauntings, cryptozoology, out-of-body experiences and psychic phenomenon.

I was never scared of the books, they filled me with wonder and it always felt like coming home when I would crack one of those books.

After a few hours using the board the planchette was sliding with ease around the board as we made contact with the spirit of a young girl named “Mary”.  She had fantastic stories about the other side and about her life and death.

Apparently she, her brother Tom Junior, and their mother were all killed by their father, Tom senior. The elder Tom was apparently an angry man. Mary said she and her brother were drowned while the mother was beaten to death.

I recall one time we decided to test Mary’s perception of our world. We asked if she could see us and she indicated that yes she could. I went into the bathroom on the second floor of the house while my brother and sister controlled the board. They did not know in which room I took up occupancy.

I washed my face in the sink; something I thought was completely random. I headed back downstairs and joined my siblings. My sister asked, “Where did Tony go?”

Slowly, the board spelled out “Water closet”, which we assumed meant the bathroom. My sister then asked what I did in there and the plastic plank slid across the faux wood surface of the board and spelled out “Wash face in water basin”.

I was sold, I am not sure to this day if one of my siblings followed me or checked on my whereabouts unbeknownst to me, but that moment sealed it for me. I felt that I was communicating with a very cognizant spirit.

Eventually Tom Junior started communicating through the board. He liked to tell bad jokes, was a little bit of a bully and he eventually became the dominant spirit on the board preventing Mary from ever contacting us again.

He was not bad, just a typical adolescent boy if not a little overbearing.

Over time we gradually lost interest in the board but the experiences hung around a lot longer. I could feel Tom and his family around me; I could sense them as if they were physically in the room.  We eventually grew up and moved out of the house and we lost track of that phase of our life.

Just like Jackie Paper leaving his imaginary dragon, we left Tom, Mary and their parents and grew into adults and got on with our lives. The lingering sense that we summoned something into this world was and still is hard to shake.

This was before the advent of the internet and searching for any evidence that a family whose story matched that of the stories coming through the board was almost impossible. If it had happened today all we would have had to do was ask pertinent questions, hop onto a search engine and try to find validation.

Was Mary, then eventually Tom, nothing more than a figment of our imagination? It is a strong possibility, but the experiences and interactions were very real to us. Which begs the question, can we will something into existence/summon something through our ignorance?

Some people believe so. I have spoken with several people throughout the years who believe their homes were haunted by dark forces brought about by use of Ouija boards, séance, and simply reaching out and accidentally inviting something in.

The very idea that the veil separating our world from the spirit world is so thin that a mere suggestion can allow something to slip through seems almost unfathomable, to some it seems all together impossible.

The Spirit Seekers investigated a home here in Arkansas that prior to occupation by a young family had served as a place where teenagers would gather and perform satanic rituals. Pentagrams were drawn on the walls and it looked as if a makeshift altar had existed in one of the rooms.

Whether the teenagers/kids who were conducting these séances had any knowledge of what they were doing remains unknown, but they opened a doorway which allowed something dark, something violent and something completely evil to cross over into our world.

The young family that newly occupied the home was left to deal with the repercussions as they found themselves under physical and spiritual attack.

The case was later documented on the Discovery Channel’s hit show “A Haunting” in season four with the title “Where Evil Lurks”.

The idea that we can summon something so easily may seem far-fetched, but a society that quickly dismisses the existence of ghosts is far more hesitant to dismiss the possibility of the existence of demons.

What do you believe? Do you think it is possible to unwillingly summon a demon or dark spirit? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below or visit our message board by accessing the “forum” link above.

6 thoughts on “OOPSIE CRAZY: Can You Accidentally Summon A Dark Spirit?

  1. I just read your post and I found it very interesting as I, my sister and several of our friends had similar experiences growing up. We lived in apartments and the first time we every played with a Ouija board we made it ourselves out of a cardboard box, we wrote letters with a black permanent marker, and used the clear plastic face from a watch as the planchette. All huddled together on a side walk we began taking turns asking questions, like “is anyone here”, “who are you”, “how did you die” etc. For a while nothing happened, and then all the sudden the planchette started moving and of course we were all skeptical, we all started saying “stop moving it” and things like that, but everyone swore they weren’t moving it, so we decided that instead of all of us (9-10 of us total) placing two fingers on the planchette, we would each place the tip of only one of our fingers on it, so that we would know if it moved by force from someone other than a spirit. Again we ask questions, and again it began to move, it spelt out words and names, and things and I and a few others believed that someone had to be moving it. (I had some experiences with spirits in the past but didn’t think we could communicate with them through a board especially one we had made) So we stopped playing, and the planchette moved and spelled out “Why did they go”, I remember clearly saying out loud “because I think this is fake”, and laughed as did everyone else, and suddenly the planchette with only a few finger tips on it (because when some of them laughed they moved their hands off of it), it began to spin in a circle, my friends immediately moved their hands off it, with no one touching it, the planchette spelt out the words “play now”. We all screamed, most of us ran away from it, the next day we asked what happened to the board, and a few of our guy friends said they had tore it up and threw it in the trash. We felt that was a great idea, and we didn’t think anything more about it even though we seemed to have odd experiences afterwards. Another time, myself, my sister, our friends Paula and Shawna decided to play with Paula’s mother’s Ouija board, she had a real one, and we were bored and my sister and I had told them both what had happened before, they seemed all too interested in playing. So in Paula’s house we sat in the front room floor and began playing, it was maybe 15 minutes after we started that it started to move, spelling out the words “Hello again”, again we all thought one of us was pushing it, so we ask some questions about who they were and the planchette spelt out the word “Shia”, we didn’t know what it meant, so we each started asking how it’s pronounced, and when Paula or Shawna I can’t remember exactly which one it was asked if it was Shay, it said “No”, then my sister said “Shia pronounced Shy-a” and it said “Yes”, and we asked if they were male or female, it was a girl, she had been burned in a fire that had occurred in the apartments several years prior to us all moving in. When we got on the computer we were able to confirm that a 10 year old girl named Shia Ballew had died in the apartment complex after being overcome with smoke inhalation. So if someone were to ask me, do you believe we can communicate with spirits through a talking board aka Ouija board, I’d have to say yes. I am interested in the paranormal and feel that spirits are all around rather others believe it or not, some think I’m crazy but I’m okay with that.

    Willow Monroe


  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Your experiences are very similar to mine growing up using a ouija board.

    At the time it all seemed so real, a little scary but definitely exciting. I thought, in more recent years, that a lot of that had to do with the thrill of doing something scary. Now, I am not so sure. Perhaps there is something to it, and the more paranormal investigations I go on and the more research I do, it seems that there is more verifiable proof out there than initially thought.

    There are a couple things I did not share in the story above. One instance had to deal with the board suddenly becoming very erratic and the planchette would not move. I mean, it physically felt restrained. We could not push it across the board without great effort. It was like there was an invisible hand holding it firm. Then there was a time when an unnamed spirit allegedly made contact with us and refused to leave.

    My parents took the board away for a day and the next day they gave it back and said they told the bad spirit to leave. The board was back to normal. They later told us that they didn’t do anything but put it away for the night. Was it our imagination running wild? Did we believe that an evil presence was communicating through the board and as a result believed it could be cast out?

    Using the board was one of my first experiences with the paranormal, one that would set me on the course to eventually becoming a paranormal investigator.

    So many unanswered questions about the boards and how they “work”.

    Thank you for reading the spirit Seekers blog and for commenting on the story.

  3. wow that sounds like it was a very interesting experience. I’ve never tried it but in a few weeks my friends and I are planning on holding a séance. i’m pretty excited. i hope it works. i’m a little worried about summoning evil spirits but you know. YOLO! so what exactly did you do for the ritual or whatever? did you use candles? chant some random stuff?

  4. hello my name is nikki. when i was 16 i lived on many acres of woods secluded in pennsylvania. well i had many experiences while living there. but during that time in my life i was into wicca and ouija boards and seances (so that could be a cause) dont know…one day while walking through my wood infested driveway to meet a neighbor to take me to the bus stop i had a disturbing experience and i would love to know what it was. anyways while i was walking i started to hear chains clanging (heavy chains) behind my right side. i got a little nervous because i didnt know if it was a mean dog. then i hear the chains again this time closer and behind my left side of my hearing. then again and again getting closer and closer. i began to get scared and walk fast looking around me seeing nothing. all of a sudden i feel a rush of energy flare up from my lower back to my head and it roared loud and extremely very deeply. i turned around quickly, screamed, saw nothing there then ran for my life to the end of my driveway crouching in fear. what was that? another experience i had was when me and my mom would try to speak to my passed father and then take our picture (we were outside) i always had an orb or ectoplasm in my pictures. my m other had none and she took a session of pictures of me simply standing there. in the pictures you can clearly see a very large orb circling my head. it was so large it had a comet like tail..ive also asked my passed father to give me back a fairy brooch i lost and shortly after the pin appeared. I have another story…lol. when my grandfather died i found out over the phone while at my boyfriends house. i wanted to go home because i was so upset.on my way home after hearing of his death..which by the way my grandfather loved cats. he rescued 36 before he died. well on my way home as we were driving up my dirt mountain road to take me home twice our car was stopped by groups of cats of all colors. i cried out its “grandpa bob”. that night i couldnt sleep. i was to upset. as i was laying in bed i got up to turn the fan off in my bed room. i layed back down. at this point i really cant sleep. i get up out of bed to turn my fan back on and it wont work! i gave up throwing my body on my bed. then i thought maybe i should ask for help. i then asked grandpa bob if he could please turn my fan back on and with in seconds no joke seconds the fan turned on! i was amazed and then slept like a baby. but its been years since ive had anymore experiences.

  5. Hi, I am 17 and all my grandparents are deceased. both of my parents are alive and well. I would like to know if their is any SAFE way of communicating with my grandparents from my mum’s side. (as I did not know my other grandparents well enough). My mother told me how her and her sister used to use an Ouija board. She said that most of the time she didn’t know if it moved because of the kids using it, or something else. BUT she said that some time after using the board, her and her sister were in their room arguing about something. they were both talking quite loud, maybe yelling, anyway there was a coat hanger hanging on the bedroom door. while they were arguing (no body else was in the room or near it) the coat hanger went projectile across the room and hit the wall right above mum’s sister’s head. the force was so much that it put a dint in the wall. My mum is smart and she never lies, so this has caused me to believe that spirits ARE real. I do not know if it was a good spirit or a demon that did that. This is why I would like to find out a SAFE way of contacting my grandparents. I currently live with my parents in a house and do not want to invite any unwanted guests if you know what I mean.
    I have to admit I have done things like the bloody many thing in the bathroom and found it to do nothing. I haven’t found anything abnormal to happen at this house. at my past house I had a few strange dreams which were almost out of body, but not really. I have also woken up startled and bouncing on my bed like I just got dropped onto it.

    I do not fear the dark really because I have not done anything to summon things. Anyway if you could please reply to my question it would be fantastic.

    1. Aiden:

      I understand the desire to contact those who have passed on, especially loved ones with whom you want to have at least one final conversation, be it for closure or simply because you miss them.

      I would never consider a Ouija board a viable means of communication with the deceased, simply because there is no real way to know that the spirit you are connected with, if indeed a spirit at all, is your family members.

      In addition to not knowing for sure with who you reach, you also run the risk of leaving that line of communication open to whatever wants to cross over. Potentially.

      With all that said, I personally do not believe the dead can communicate with us through a Ouija board.

      See if you can reach out to a psychic medium. I know there are several on this blog who would do their best to try to connect you to your loved ones on the other side. It is a safer option and the spirits with whom the psychic medium communicate can validate that they are who they claim to be in several different ways.

      The simple answer is, reach out to a medium/psychic if you want to communicate with the dead and don’t mess around with Ouija boards.

      I hope that helps. If you need guidance in reaching a psychic, let me know and I will put you in contact with one.

      Tony Harrington
      Editor, Spirit Seekers Blog

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