Share and Scare Alike

Someone shared an interesting story with me while on break today. Word has gotten around the office that I am a paranormal investigator, so it has become a common occurrence that people open up to me about stuff they have experienced.

This particular co-worker said that when he was overseas, stationed in Korea, he rented a small flat so that he could live off base. He reported that occasionally, while he was in bed, he would feel the mattress beside him depress as if someone has sat down beside him.

He could see an indentation in the mattress. After a moment or two the mattress would give and the weight would dissipate as if whatever sat down had moved on. He stated that this happened once every couple of months and each time it would scare the daylights out of him. This was a soldier, trained in the U.S. Army, who would jump into combat should his country ever call upon him to do so and he openly admitted that he had never been as scared as he was when he would be visited by whatever it was that sat on his bed, unseen by his eye.

I personally do not know how I would react in such a situation. I would like to think that my logical mind would immediately set about trying to recreate, or at least determine the source, of this occurrence. That’s easy to say though not having experienced such things.

In addition to the sensation of someone sitting on the bed, he reported a change in the atmosphere as if someone was in the room with him.

There are several scientific explanations for this if it happened under perfect circumstances. The most common explanation is that the person experiencing this phenomenon is actually going through the beginnings of sleep.

In the early stages of sleep we are awake and alert and our brain begins producing beta waves which are small and fast. As the brain begins to enter its state of relaxation it switches to production of Alpha waves which are slower and longer. It is during this state we can experience vivid and odd sensations such as feeling like you are falling or hearing someone call your name. You might experience an event known as a myoclonic jerk, where your body spasms and jolts you back into beta wave state, leaving you confused and possibly scared.

The sensation of weight being disbursed and the sensation that your own body has shifted as a result can occur because of the transition from beta to alpha wave production in the human brain.

I of course mentioned all this. A good paranormal investigator will always come armed with a scientific explanation because chances are; most paranormal events are naturally occurring phenomenon.  We have to be willing to admit this or we are closed-minded as those who discount paranormal activity all together.

The co-worker was convinced that he was fully awake during several of the encounters and added that his girlfriend had felt it too one evening as they watched a DVD together. She promptly left the apartment and refused to come back.

Not having been there to experience it, the story is completely subjective.  I believe him; I have no reason to feel that he would make up a story, especially when he has nothing to gain from it. He was not trying to get me to fly to Korea to investigate the apartment; he didn’t want fame or attention. He was simply sharing something he experienced and was looking for a rational explanation to an unsettling experience.

SPIRIT Seekers doesn’t claim to have answers to everything. We do a lot of research, we read a lot of books, we study a lot and we try to remain on the forefront of paranormal studies. Sometimes, after we have offered every possible explanation and the person sharing their story with us has shot down every option, we simply have to shrug and say “I don’t know.”

I told him that it was a good thing he didn’t stay in the apartment longer than he did because it was a disembodied spirit looking to possess a living body. He hasn’t spoken to me since.

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