Investigator’s Report: Investigation #: 20100828

Investigator: Tony Harrington

Date of Investigation: Saturday Aug. 28, 2010 7:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Team: Alan Lowe, Jason Hall, & Tony Harrington

Location: Private Residence in Cabot, AR

Equipment Used: Digital Cameras, Video Cameras, Digital Voice Recorder, Dowsing Rods, EMF Detectors, IR (Infrared) Source; Dowsing rods


Digital Photographs Taken: 145

Total Positives: (0) some “orbs” were present, but none that fit the characteristics of “spirit/ghost” orbs. Discounted as evidence

Total Video Taken: 1hr:34Minutes

Total Positives: 1 (Weird light anomaly appears on video. All investigators and the homeowner were in the family room at the time during lights out for an EVP session. More details in the investigation synopsis)

Total EVP Taken: 97 min

Total Positive EVP: 1 When investigator asked “Lilly, do you want to leave?” A deep male voice responds “No”

When another investigator asked during a dowsing rod session if the spirit with whom he was communicating was Lily, a deep male voice responded “yes.”


Arrived at the home in Cabot, AR around 7:00 p.m. Met with the homeowner for a sit-down interview and allowed her to explain some of the history of the claims as well as what she was experiencing in the home.

She claimed that when she was a child/early teenager, her cousin created a Ouija board and accidentally summoned a dark entity named “Z” who followed the family around from place to place. She claimed the spirit took the shape of a shadow figure that was known to physically attack members of the family. The homeowner’s young son also has seen the shadow figure and has nicknamed it “Black Daddy”.

In addition to these claims, the homeowner has said that there is a spirit of a young girl named “Lily” who was present in her parents’ house and has been seen in her home as well. “Lily” appears as a young girl with blond hair and an early era nightgown. She had appeared once dripping wet, green and looked scary.  The name “Lily” was coined by the homeowner’s young son. When the family searched for records for of a “Lily” who drowned in the area they discovered the records of a “Lily” who drowned in an unnamed pond in the early part of the 20th century. There was an unnamed pond behind the homeowner’s parents house.

The homeowner felt that the spirits of these 2 beings (“Black Daddy” and “Lily”) haunted her current home. She reported claims of the following paranormal activity:

1) Shadow figures

2) sleep paralysis

3) Television turning on by itself

4) Mists and fog in home

5) The shower turning on by itself

While conducting the interview, the team psychic/medium received a message from an older spirit. The message had nothing to do with the investigation. It was from an older man who had died in a hospital.

The medium said the older man would be a grandfather or uncle but was definitely on the father’s side. The homeowner understood. The medium then concluded that the man died of cancer.

The homeowner asked for a name and the medium could not get the actual spirit’s name but said that he was getting an “Fr__” name. He added that the one communicating has passed from cancer.

She said that her grandfather had passed from cancer in a hospital and that her grandfather’s father was named Freddy”. This served as validation that the grandfather was communicating. After a few moments the grandfather moved along and the investigation began.

The team was give a tour of the home which was a rancher style single level home. The residence was clean and in good condition, the house was about 10 years old in a residential subdivision.

During the walk-through and throughout the investigation, digital photographs were being taken. Photography ceased during the EVP session and resumed after.

From the main entrance we checked the left side of the house first and saw two bedrooms for the children and a guest bathroom separating the two rooms. We inquired if this was the bathroom where the shower turned on by itself. The homeowner said that it was not and took us to the other side of the house. We crossed the living room with the kitchen to our right and checked out the master bedroom and bath. We were shown the shower that had reportedly started running by itself. We attempted to debunk this story but could not figure out a way for the shower to start by itself. The set up requires the faucet to be turned on first then a button has to be pushed to get the shower head to activate.

One investigator noted that the hallway by the master bedroom felt heavy and menacing and asked for someone with an EMF detector to take readings. There turned out to be massive EMF spikes as a result of a nearby circuit breaker, HVAC equipment and other electric currents creating a “fear cage” in the hallway. We explained this to the homeowner and the side-effects of high EMF levels on some individuals who may be sensitive to electro-magnetic fields.

On our way back to the main living/family room area we looked across the house to the guest bathroom and noticed the door was shut. When we had left that area, the door was open. Three of us were in the house and we were all together in the master bedroom/bathroom. Somehow the door had been shut.

We opened the door and set about debunking the door closing by itself.  We opened and closed the front door and several doors within the home in an attempt to create some type of vacuum that would cause the door to pull shut. we were not able to recreate the door closing. It should also be noted that the door takes a little effort to close; it is definitely not loose hinged.

A video camera with nightshot was set up pointing at the bathroom door in an effort to capture any activity.

Around this time team member Alan Lowe began a dowsing rod session. Rods crossing indicate a yes answer while uncrossed indicates a no. Alan made contact with a spirit who verified that it was “Lily” who verified she drowned and was attached to the homeowner. It verified that it was being held in the home by a dark presence. “Lily” was asked if the dark presence was the man who killed her and she verified this was the case.

Interesting Note: During the dowsing rod session Alan picked up a deep masculine voice answer “Yes” in response to a question he asked of “Lily” on his digital voice recorder that he keeps running throughout the investigation.

After the dowsing rod session we gathered around the family room and began an EVP session. I started by letting the homeowner know that we do not provoke.

Interesting Note: During video evidence review, you can hear me off camera advising the homeowner that we do not provoke. During this time Jason was standing behind me, beside the entrance to the kitchen. Alan Lowe was seated on the floor in the family/living room. On the video, shortly after I mention the reason we don’t provoke a weird light anomaly shows up on camera. It is right in front of the lens and moves into existence the moves a bit fluid then slowly fades out of existence.

In the interest of fair disclosure, there is a framed picture hanging on the wall to the left of the bathroom door. There were no other people in the house though and no one had a flashlight out during the “lights out” EVP session. The light anomaly is not similar to flashlight reflections caught during the night or another IR source.

During the EVP session, we asked “Lily” if she wanted to leave and a deep male voice can be heard responding with a “No”.

After the EVP session we took a few more photographs and slowly began winding down for the evening.


The following personal experiences were noted but cannot be submitted as evidence.

1) Cold spot that seemed to migrate up and down the hall by the guest bathroom. This was the same hall where the door shut by itself and the strange light was captured on video.

2) One investigator felt something tug on his pants leg.

3) While one investigator used the master bathroom, a bathrobe that had been hanging on a hook all night fell off.

4) One investigator reported feeling a cold spot followed by seeing a small shadow figure round the corner from the living room to toward the master bedroom hallway on the right side of the house.

IS IT HAUNTED? (Conclusion)

We are going to continue reviewing the video of the light anomaly and see if we can recreate it.

(UPDATE 9/20/2010) A camera was set up in a controlled environment to test the light anomaly. If we could recreate the effect then we would have to discount the anomaly as evidence. After 2 hours of attempting to recreate the effect we were unable to do so. A flashlight pointing at a nearby picture frame produced a light-saturated image, not just spotting.  An IR source produced the same results with “flare” not a moving/glowing light.

So, is the private residence in Cabot, AR haunted? We have a grading system that helps us answer such questions. we graded the evidence as follows:

Scientific Evidence:

Scientific evidence consisting of photos, video, EMF readings and EVP. On a scale of 0-50 we gave the scientific evidence gathered a 35 based solely on the 2 EVPs gathered and the video footage shown above.

Sensory Evidence:

Sensory evidence is that of the human five senses and on a scale of 0 – 25 we gave the sensory evidence a 15 because of the sightings and feelings of not being alone. (Cold spots, sighting of a shadow figure, investigators pants leg being pulled)

Extra-Sensory Evidence:

The extra sensory evidence is the feelings of the psychic and sensitive. On a scale of 0 – 25 we gave this investigation a 0 (zero) based on lack of extra sensory evidence related to the investigation. There was no physical evidence to support any extra-sensory claims.

Grand Total and Result:

The grand total for this investigation is 50/100. The grading system of all evidence gathered tells us there is a moderate to strong possibility that there is paranormal activity happening in this private residence. There does seem to be something happening in the home, but lack of substantial evidence with the exception of an unexplained video and 2 EVPs prevents us from saying it is a full-fledged haunting.

Follow-up investigation is recommended.

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