Game On: The Mayflower Investigation “Television Incident”

For the small group of five investigators, the Mayflower, AR investigation started off like any other.

The drive was relatively short and the place was easy to find, a much-needed reprieve from the out-of-the-way investigations we have been conducting as of late.

The group consisted of SPIRIT Seekers co-founder Alan Lowe who lead up the investigation and joining him were Chuck Matthews, the groups EVP specialist, Psychics/Investigators Christina South and Tony Harrington and investigator Karla Roberts.

When the group arrived at the quaint home that was nestled on a plot of land that used to house an old potato farm they were greeted warmly by the homeowners. The owners informed the group of some of the experiences they have been having. The claims were pretty standard for poltergeist activity:

  • Items being moved from one location to another
  • Items coming up missing
  • Dishes being tossed
  • Food flew from the refrigerator at one of the homeowners
  • CD player shuffling CDs even though the player was turned off
  • Other electric-powered devices turning themselves on
  • Shadow figures being seen
  • The feeling of someone sitting down on the bed
  • Drawers opening and closing by themselves

The team psychics set off on their walk-through. As they walked from room-to-room they jotted down some notes in their notepads. They noted to each other the lack of any sense of a presence in the home. The house felt light and clean aside from the feeling of an older man who was reaching out to them. They both noted the sensation in their notebooks and only confirmed this feeling with each other after they concluded their walk-through.

Both Christina and Tony wrote in their books that there was the presence of an older man in his late 60’s or early 70’s. Tony picked up the name as beginning with “H”, Like Henry or Harold.

The psychics shared this information with the homeowners and the female homeowner’s eyes went wide at the mention of the older “H” male. She said that her father died when he was in his late 60’s and his middle name was Henry but everyone called him Hank.

One psychic mentioned that he sensed that Hank died of lung cancer or some respiratory issue, something that affected the man’s breathing. The homeowner confirmed that he died of congestive heart failure and was on oxygen for the last part of his life.

One of the psychics indicated that they were picking up on the spirit of a child who passed. A young teenager around 15 or 16 years old who died in a car accident or something involving blunt-force trauma. Both homeowners said they did not have that happen in their family but a few days prior a young man and woman, in their teens, were in a fatal car crash on the road just outside the homeowners house. The psychics felt that this was not what they were picking up and that the spirit coming through was tied to them somehow. This ended the psychic/medium portion of the investigation. The team then disbursed throughout the house and began the investigation process.

Chuck set about getting baseline Electromagnetic Field (EMF) readings within the house. The kitchen showed spikes around the appliances but strangely showed a drastic spike in the direct center of the kitchen. This was noted. The rest of the house had low EMF emissions, almost non-existent.

Christina and Tony went to the attic which had been transformed into a television room with a couch, some knickknacks, a mirror, a coffee table and some pictures. It was a quaint room, and aside from the stuffiness that an attic typically has, the place felt clean of paranormal energy.

While in the darkened attic room, in near pitch black conditions the two investigators witnessed a streak of fluttering white light travel up and down the wall, then it was gone. Bot investigators saw the light at the same time, their reactions were caught on digital voice recorder and possibly on a camcorder that was recording int he room that alan Lowe had set up earlier in the night.

The two investigators were eventually joined in the attic by the rest of the team and all had experienced light anomalies of some sort. We were able to debunk a few instances of “red light” as a reflection of the IR source on the camcorder. There were several other instances where we were unable to debunk the lights we were seeing.

We moved out from the attic and headed downstairs to the mater bedroom where we gathered around the edge of the bed. we sat in the room and attempted to conduct an EVP session. It was in the master bedroom where the homeowner reported the nightstand drawer opening and closing.

During the EVP session, Tony asked if anything wanted to make its presence known. There were a few seconds of silence prior to the room lighting up from the glow of the television screen which had somehow turned itself on. The event was captured on film, sort of. The camera was facing away from the television and focusing on the group sitting on the bed. The picture lights up as the television comes on and you can see everyone turn in the direction of the glowing screen as they all voice their disbelief.

The television had turned itself on and was set to the “game” input source. The homeowners do not own a gaming console and they said the television is always set to PBS or to CD to play music CD’s.

The group asked whatever was in the house to turn the television off. It never happened. We attempted to recreate the incident. The logical answer to the event would be that the IR source of the camera perhaps bounced off a reflective surface and hit the TV at the frequency required to turn the set on. We attempted to recreate the conditions that could trigger this but to no avail.

The television did have a remote that was sitting on the nightstand at the time. However, the way the group was positioned it would have been impossible for any of them to easily locate the remote in the dark, find the power button and turn on the television, then locate the “game” button and press that and set the remote down quietly without any of the other group members noticing. Maybe not “impossible” but improbable.

Could the remote have a short in it causing the television to turn on at random? That is entirely possible though the homeowners claim this has never happened before. Between the possibility of a malfunctioning remote and the off-chance that our IR source caused the television to turn on lies many other explanations including the possibility that something in the house, something no longer amongst the living answered the request to make itself known.

Once evidence review is complete, we will post the video of the television turning itself on.

Regardless of what caused the incident, it was something that all investigators present could not easily write off. Some had never experienced paranormal activity this blatant (if it indeed was paranormal) and it was simultaneously exciting and frightening and something that until that night was only reserved for horror movies and sensationalized ghost hunting television programs.

Details and the final report for the investigation is coming soon, so stay tuned for the official video of the “television incident” at the Mayflower investigation.

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