Clearing Up a Few Things

by Tony Harrington

It has been several months since we launched The SPIRIT Seekers Blog.  In doing so we may have caused some general confusion amongst those who have been following the group since its inception.

Most importantly are the questions raised about the state of the organization. Do we still exist? Is the blog now the official site?

We will do our best to answer your questions and sate your curiosity.

The SPIRIT Seekers is a real organization made up of paranormal investigators, researchers, and people curious about the spiritual world around them. Information about us as an organization can be found on this very blog at the top of the page under the “About Us” section.  We are based out of central Arkansas and investigate claims of paranormal activity all across the state and beyond.

The official website of the group is The blog, which you are currently reading is a supplement to the official page and was born out of the desire to publish a regular newsletter. Several members of the group got together on the ride back from an investigation one night and brainstormed about how to produce a newsletter that people anywhere could get without having the expense of printing and postage. The idea initially started as a mailing list but that meant people signing up, emails getting lost or sent to spam, undeliverable content, and more problems. Ultimately we settled on creating a blog. It could be updated real-time, it would be customized, feedback could be received in real-time and it doesn’t cost anything other than an internet connection to make and view.

So here it is, the blog.

Which brings up an interesting point. Who writes this darn thing anyway? For the most part it is a one man show. See the name on the article you are currently reading? That’s me. Tony Harrington at your service. I am a freelance writer and published author living in Little Rock, AR. I contribute to other blogs as well including a pop culture blog at If you like horror movies, sci-fi, reading, writing and video games then stop by there too. But since you are here that means your interested in the paranormal.

So am I.  I am also one of the investigators for the SPIRIT Seekers and absolutely love what I do. I joined the group in September of last year (2009) and plan to stick around for quite a while. It was my decision to start the newsletter back up which ultimately led to the creation of the blog. Since it was my idea I took the reigns and ran with it. That is why you see my name all over the place on the blog.

I am not an assistant director of investigations, I do not own any part of the organization, and I am no different from any other investigator on the team. I am a natural leader so I take initiative to do things and like to see other people do the same. If you attend one of our meetings you will see that I am a big and loud guy, sometimes abrasive but for the most part I am adorably sweet. Trust me on that.

Alan and Angela Lowe are the founders of the group and they are some of the best people I have had the pleasure of knowing. They are unbelievably kind, giving to a fault, and very diplomatic. I asked their permission to do the blog, run the twitter account and create the Facebook group.  I did all of it first then asked, hoping they wouldn’t be mad. Luckily they weren’t and here we are today: a well-connected organization that is easily accessible to anyone who wants to get to know us.

Since this is a one man show for the most part, aside from the occasional article from S.M. Belekurov and Jane Cranmer,  third-party content providers  and the RSS feeds from, it is not surprising that the blog entries include a lot of MY opinions. Tony Harrington does not believe in orbs. Tony Harrington is on the fence as to whether or not dowsing rods actually work. Tony Harrington chooses not to write about or investigate UFO’s and cryptozoology.  Tony Harrington is an atheist. That does not mean that the views and opinions expressed within each article are those of the organization as a whole.  I try to make that evident in any post where my personal views are at conflict with the views and opinions of the group I represent by writing the blog.

When an article is written by someone else their name will appear as the byline. If the article deals with the organization as a whole then there will be no byline and you will know that the piece reflects the views and opinions of The SPIRIT Seekers.

I have received a lot of feedback from people who ask why I don’t write about this topic or that topic. Truthfully, if you want that topic represented you are more than welcome to contribute by either writing the article and getting the byline or suggesting it to me in a non-confrontational manner and I will write it for you. It may take a while because I have a constant backlog of items to update and documents to write. If you want me to write the article I will not do it until I thoroughly research the events surrounding the topic. This takes time but I do it to ensure that you are getting the most accurate information and not something Hollywood created.

This site is growing by leaps and bounds with around 200 visitors per day. Slowly but surely people are subscribing, responding and having open and candid discussions about stuff that most people don’t even believe exists and if they do they don’t want to talk about it because people will think they are weird. Some people are so passionate about topics that they resort to calling me a jackass in the reply comments. I am not mad, it has people talking and people are passionate about their beliefs.

Thank you for being a part of it. If you are reading this then I sincerely thank you, as does Alan and Angela Lowe and the entire organization known as SPIRIT Seekers. Which brings me to this final point. A lot of people want to know why I capitalize SPIRIT in our name. That is because the SPIRIT portion of “SPIRIT Seekers” is actually an acronym that stands for Spirit-seekers Paranormal Investigation Research and Intervention Team.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, the blog, the website or the organization as a whole, feel free to ask us by replying to this post in the comments field or emailing us directly at

Be safe, have fun, and question everything.

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