Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

The SPIRIT Seekers Investigation Report

Investigator: Tony Harrington

Case Number: 01212011

Date of Investigation: January 21, 2011

Time of Investigation: 7:30 p.m.

Investigation Location: Private Residence Wye Mountain/Bigelow, Arkansas

Investigation Team: Tony Harrington & Alan Lowe



Total Digital Photos Collected: 21

Total Positive Digital Photos: 0

Total EVP Collected: 18m:25s

Total Positive EVP: 2

Total Video Collected: 0m:0s

Total Positive Video: N/A

Personal Experiences: 1. I felt someone touch my left side at approximately 8:01 p.m. The homeowners both said this is something they experience regularly.  This could have been a muscle spasm or clothes shifting which caused the sensation of being touched.


Homeowner Claims:

The homeowner contacted SSI to report claims of paranormal activity. Among the claims, they have seen full body apparitions of children, they have reported hearing disembodied voices and sounds such as scratching and footsteps. They have felt something touch them and keys and other personal items have been moved/hidden from their original place and have shown up in odd places in the house such as in closets an under pillows in other rooms.

Additionally, the female homeowner reports that she feels that a spirit of a young man whom she is connected to by way of a tragic event continues to hang around the house. He was an Air Force officer who had died on the mountain in a tragic motorcycle accident. The female homeowner has since become close with the family of the deceased. She states that she feels that he is around.


Synopsis of Evening:

Upon arrival at the house we sat down with the homeowners and listened to their claims of paranormal activity so that we could get a good feel of what they were experiencing.  The homeowners did not seem scared of their situation, they just wanted to verify that what they were experiencing was actually happening.

The team psychic did a walk-through of the house and came up with only a few things.

1) The number 8 was very prevalent. It could be a date, age or time. The homeowner acknowledged that it made a lot of sense in more ways than one. She understood the connection therefore validating the message.

2) The psychic saw a country-style church with a steeple and a cemetery attached. It was very clear that the cemetery belonged to the church and was not a public burial site. The homeowner acknowledged that I was describing the church and cemetery where the Air Force soldier was buried. This was out-of-state and not local. The homeowner had actually been there.

We then walked around and collect EMF readings in the home, all were very low to none, the home seemed well grounded. Only the circuit breaker gave off high readings. After we collected the EMF readings we set about taking photographs of the home. Aside from a few orbs in sporadic pictures, we did not find any evidence of paranormal activity.  Since some people in the SPIRIT Seekers group view orbs as paranormal evidence, I have included the photos here for your review. Click each picture to enlarge for a better view.

Depending upon your personal views orbs may or may not be deemed evidence of the paranormal. In this photo there are two orbs present. Paranormal or not? Click this picture to enlarge.

The orb in this photo is on the right side of the photo floating just above the basket on the floor. Since this is in front of a fireplace the orb could very well be ash or dust from the functional fireplace. Click picture to enlarge for more detail.

After we concluded the photo session we gathered in the kitchen and conducted an EVP session.  We asked questions to determine who, from a spiritual standpoint, was present in the house. We asked about cause of death, specific dates, inquired of the name and age of the spirits if they existed in the home.

While conducting the session we would periodically hear scratching noises coming from the doorway leading into the master bedroom which was off to our side.

Click Here to listen to the entire 18m:25s EVP session

After we conducted the EVP session we decided to focus on the prospect that there may be the ghosts of children in the home according to reports from the homeowners. Catering to children and their sense of play we placed a tennis ball on the ground and asked any children present to move the tennis ball.  There was no movement of the tennis ball during the experiment.

After we attempted to make contact with the children we broadened our scope and attempted to make contact with anyone present utilizing the unproven application “Ghost Radar” and we got some surprising hits that seemed very relevant to the homeowners.

Information about Ghost Radar: Ghost Radar is a cell phone application that allegedly works using quantum flux readings that can be manipulated into words by any spirits that may be present. Included in the application is a radar that shows the approximate location of ghostly presence. In this session we had two radars going at once and the radars displayed two different readings despite sitting side by side. For more information on Ghost Radar please visit the official website of the application.


Total Words Spoken During Session: 21

Words That Seemed Appropriate: 4 This is difficult to say, there were two shocking words (Plane and Jet) that were very appropriate considering the homeowner’s life changing encounter with a dying Air Force soldier one day on the mountain. Other words (Shop and Vegetable) seemed significant to the homeowners in that they were just discussing that day making a vegetable garden in the spring and building a workshop where the man of the house could work on projects.

Other than those 4 words, the rest of the hits seemed random at best but sometimes with a lot of work, other words could have tenuous meaning. Still on the fence about the application as an effective tool for paranormal investigations.

After the Ghost Radar session we sat around and discussed the experiences in general and whether they homeowners want the house cleansed or what their ultimate goal is. The did not seem to want anything done other than to come up with some evidence supporting their claims and experiences.  Which leads to…

Is This Location Haunted: We base our decision on claiming a place haunted or not on a rating scale which covers many areas. This is just a preliminary report pending the final report from co-founder Alan Lowe.  Based on MY PERSONAL experiences as well as the evidence that I have gathered I feel comfortable in saying that there seems to be some paranormal activity going on. Whether it is tied to the land or is based on the spirit of a deceased Air Force soldier hanging around the last person to see him prior to his passing from this world, the house definitely has something in it, albeit subtle.

Further investigation into this location would be needed to determine that the place is definitely haunted.

The final report is pending and will be posted when it becomes available.

2 thoughts on “Investigator Report: Case No. 01212011 (Wye Mountain)

  1. I could not hear them even with full volumn. I could barely hear the investigator. Can you send them to me soo I can run them through my audio software.
    You remember when we were sitting around the table and I was just holding the dousing rods. the rods started crossing and you said looks like you are getting a hit. During this time i got an evp that says “Don’t scare them”
    We need to get all of this together so we can present our findings.

  2. I would have to agree that it appears that these people do have an unseen guest in their home. From talking to them they do not appear to be frightened and I hope they will continue to accept their visitor.

    Director of Investigation and Co Founder
    Spirit Seekers

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