Haunted House Experiences

by Alan Lowe

I am going to start adding to this blog some haunted experiences that I have in my house and yes, my house is haunted.

I own a two-story house. The upstairs is empty except for furniture and my office. Most of the supernatural experiences either originate from upstairs or happen there. We have a set of stairs with a switchback landing. That is to say the steps have a landing at the halfway point then they turn to the right and continue to the hallway on the second floor. The newel posts are decorated with small teddy bears. I was walking up the steps when one of these teddy bears literally jumped from the post and hit me in the stomach.

This has never happened before and these stuffed toys have been there for years. After I had acknowledged the attempt to get my attention I continued to my office and started to work on a story. I had not been there long when I felt something tap me on the shoulder. I turned to see if by chance my wife had slipped in the door and gotten behind me without me seeing her. There is no way that could happen but it is a natural reaction to look behind when tapped on the shoulder. I went back to work and soon I had something or someone tugging on my shirt sleeve. 

This time I stopped work and acknowledged a presence in the room other than myself. I told whoever or whatever that I was glad that I was not alone and that they could watch me work while keeping me company. All of the interruptions stopped and I was able to finish the story on which I was working. Maybe this will be the basis of a new story.

I love my ghostly friends.

One thought on “Haunted House Experiences

  1. Good Morning,

    I was very interested in your post. It seems you have some real paranormal activity going on in your house. My brother and I have a family based paranormal group based out of central NJ. We are very respectful of our surrounding during investigations and we completely comply with all of the restrictions that they home owner may have.
    We would very much appreciate the opportunity to investigate your claims. We feel we could provide you will solid evidence for everything that you have experienced. Everything will be completely confidential unless you give us permission to post our findings on our website.
    Please consider letting us investigate and contact us through our website.
    We look forward to hearing from you and validating your claims/experiences.


    John Ruggiero

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