Investigation Final Report: Case# 02192011 “The Friendly Spirit House”

Investigation Number 02192011

Shirley, Arkansas

Number of digital photos taken: 153

Minutes of Audio used: 47

Minutes of Video taken: 120 minutes (30 seconds of positive footage)

About the Video Footage:

Our investigators are gathered in a room. Co-Founder of SPIRIT Alan Lowe speaks that they are gathered in the room with the camcorder. Some type of stick enters the scene nearly hitting one investigator causing her to sit up.

No one in the room saw the stick, it wasn’t until video playback that it was noticed.

Some possible real world reasons for the stick figure could be dowsing rods entering the scene, though the only person using the rods was seated on the floor below the level of the camera. The rods come in and down indicating the stick was above camera level. We are researching the video and will determine in the near future whether this is natural or supernatural in nature.

Number of Positive Photos: 4

This unique anomaly shows what appears to be some type of orb vortex with a dark shadow encompassing half of the frame. Click the picture to view full size photo.

Number of EVP recorded: 1 by three different investigators


After the investigator asks “Have you always been here,” there is about fifteen seconds of silence followed by what sounds like the voice of a child responding.

Phenomena captured on film: During this investigation we found the house to be clean and in order. The weather was perfect for an investigation. We always come into an investigation whether it is a house or a business with an open mind knowing that spirits are everywhere. We do things a little differently than what may be expected, in that we bring to bear all tools and disciplines available to the study of the supernatural. By that I mean we use Psychics to help point the way. We go into all cases with an open mind. We go there to neither prove nor disprove a haunting.

That being said we cannot rule out the facts concerning this case. Our scientific approach netted us a fair amount of evidence. The evidence was not in abundance like we had hoped but still there was some. The evidence gathered was done via still photography, video and audio. We did run into psychic energy in the house. This energy can be labeled as what appears to be residual in nature. More than one investigator said they felt that an entity was present and they though it was that of an elderly male. It was mentioned that they believed there to be a spirit of a young girl also. Other than the short burst of activity at the start of the investigation the house was calm and peaceful.

During this investigation we found some scientific signs of a haunting. We photographed three orbs in motion in the living area. At one point one of the investigators ask if the entity could show us a sign of its presence. That is when we heard a knocking noise. It was not recorded. We also captured a very good electronic voice phenomena or EVP. It would appear to be a class A type, meaning it was mostly clear without needing any translations.

Summation: Due to the fact that this investigation was a private residence we used a small group of investigators. There were four trained investigators on this case. The team psychic was John. He was inserted into the house at about 8 pm. He was allowed to do his walk through while the others set up equipment. Upon completion of his psychic evaluation he was extracted to be interviewed by me separately. While he was being interviewed the others went around the house taking pictures and various climatic readings. During the interview John revealed that he felt that an elderly male entity was in the house. He felt that the man belonged to the land and not the house. We were told by the owners that an old farm-house had stood on the spot where the new house now sits. John finished his interview by saying that the house has void of any negative feelings.

Conclusion: Is the house in Shirley, Arkansas haunted? We have a grading system that helps us to answer such questions. We graded the evidence as follows; scientific evidence is photos, video, EMF readings, Temperature readings and EVP. On a scale of 0 – 50 we gave the scientific evidence gathered a 35. The evidence was there and was fairly strong. Sensory evidence is that of the human five senses. It is based on what we as humans can see, hear, taste, smell or feel and on a scale of 0 – 25 we gave the sensory evidence a 13. The extra sensory evidence is the feelings of the psychic and sensitive. On a scale of 0 – 25 we gave the extra sensory evidence a 12. The psychic had a very strong mental image of the spirit and what it was up to. The extra sensory evidence was not very strong but none the less it was there and the feelings were verified both psychics. The grand total for this project is 60. The grading system of all evidence gathered tells us that it appears that there is some sort of paranormal activity happening in the dark recesses of the private residence in Shirley, Arkansas.

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