Haunted House Experiences


by Alan Lowe

I wrote a story a while back called the Who Children of Orange Beach. It was a fiction story about all of the children that drown at sea and how on stormy nights they come to visit looking for other children to join them.

It was told on a stormy night to my nephews in hopes of helping them sleep through the storm. Ha, with Uncles like me who needs enemies?  It was all centered on a noise the wind made when it blew through the trees outside our condo in Orange Beach. (Whoooooooooo)

Not long after the story was written I came back to the condo with some investigators from SSI. We were in town to do an investigation at Old Fort Morgan in Gulf Shores. While I was asleep that night I had a visitation from a young blond girl; she was all wet and pasty colored. She just stood by the bed looking at me with her dark deep-set eyes. That really freaked me out.

The next morning one of my more skeptical investigators told me he had the weirdest dream that a young blond-haired girl came into his room a just stood by his bed looking at him. Yikes, same girl, same Condo and same night. Did that make it real? I believe it did. Was it one of the Who Children looking for someone with whom to play? Maybe, but remember I made the story up. Interesting?

It gets better.

Six months later I am back at the condo and have the strangest dream: I have a room full of children all in various stages of wet and all are dressed in costumes and wearing different masks; one was puffy and had a head like a balloon with drawn on eyes, nose and mouth.  They were pulling at me and beckoning for me to come with them. No way, not after the story and what happens to those who do go with them. I have a real hard time going in the ocean now, I will go knee-deep and that is it. They say it is the rip tides that pull a person under and out to sea. I know better, it is the Who Children.

2 thoughts on “Haunted House Experiences

  1. Hi, I came upon this site searching for answers to a strange and evil experience my family and I had last night. We were staying on the 6 th floor of the bella luna in orange beach, my husband saw a small child running in the hall giggling shortly after that the lights began to flicker then we heard tables moving and the fire alarm in our condo was going off and on all of these events happened within an hour. So we packed as fast as we could and had the real estate co move us. This was the scariest encounter in our lives and it leaves me wanting to know what could have happened in that unit for so much activity? I definately won’t be going back to check but for any ghost hunters or thrill seekers bella luna 607 is haunted FOR SURE

    1. Lauren:

      That sounds like a frightening experience and I am sure that people who frequent this site will now flock to that particular unit.

      Hopefully you and your family were able to have a peaceful and paranormal-free remainder of your vacation.

      Thank you for sharing your story. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we will do our best to provide answers!

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