Two weeks ago I was walking up stairs when I noticed a little dark critter at the head of the steps. Thinking it was my little Chihuahua Poco I said, “Poco, how did you get upstairs ahead of me?”

Of course I did not expect a response and did not get one but what I did get was a little whine at the foot of the steps. I turned and looked to see Poco standing in the living area. I looked back upstairs and could see the little dark critter still standing at the head of the steps. I took a couple of more steps toward the unidentified creature and it turned and raced to what used to be my daughter Violet’s bedroom. I wonder if it could have been the spirit of her old black cat that had to be put down because of sickness.

Do you believe in Animal spirits? If you have any stories to share I would love to read them and so would the other two or three that frequent this blog.

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