Hanunted Porcelain: The Ghost Dolls Phenomenon

by Tony Harrington

Anyone who knows me knows that my secret shame is the fact that I am terrified by porcelain and creepy turn of the century kinds of dolls.  I am not talking about cherubic Cabbage Patch Kids or cuddly kid toys, not at all. I am talking about creepy dolls whose eyes are vacant yet seem to see through your very soul.  You know you have seen them, perhaps adorning the shelves of a grandmother’s home, a collectors office, an antique store or in the trash where these things belong. No matter where you have seen them, chances are they just give off a feeling that something about the doll is just wrong.

Make fun of me if you will, laugh if you must, but as it turns out there is a very good reason to be afraid of these dolls…They are haunted. Or so believes the founder of www.haunteddolls.net Kimberly Gunn. On her website she explains how she has amassed a staggering collection of dolls that have scared the pants off their previous owners by moving on their own, showing up in places they were not placed, heads and limbs moving on their own, sense of dread and panic caused just by being near the dolls.

Some of the dolls were collected by paranormal investigators, others belonged to Wicca, Celtics or other spiritual people and some were just born bad. Regardless of how the dolls came to be possessed or haunted, they all have a place with Ms. Gunn who has made it her life’s ambition to educate the public on the phenomenon of haunted dolls, or Spirit Children as she lovingly refers to them.

She states that it is her goal to communicate with the spirits inhabiting these dolls and attempt to give them a voice. As admirable as I find this, it is a niche market in the field of paranormal studies after all, I do have to say that nothing chills me to the bone more than the fact that these dolls have something to say. In my mind, anything they may have to communicate involves the words “eating” and “your soul”. Everything else is moot in my mind.  Call me shallow, call me a coward, but there is something wrong about haunted dolls, the way they terrify me borderlines on almost irrational fear, and I know I am not the only one.

At an investigation to an old civil war era house now serving as a museum in Camden, AR yielded a room of old dolls, their eyes piercing the darkness and following intently as if they knew we were there. I can’t explain the panic I felt as I stood amongst them, it felt like each one had a voice and were talking to me in my mind. And then, just as I was freaking myself out I hear “Come play with us Tony,” which caused me to hightail it out of the room almost running over a fellow investigator who had uttered the words as a joke.

How is it though that dolls become haunted? Do they absorb the energy of a haunted house or is it simply that they were loved by a child or adult who passed on and that attachment has continued into the afterlife, the spirit of the deceased refusing to let go of their loved earthly possession. Or is it because they are just creepy looking and years of horror movies and shows using dolls as a fright mechanism has ingrained itself in our subliminal mind? It’s difficult to say, I personally believe there is something paranormal at work but I am not able to scientifically prove this or even do any research on a paranormal studies related level because I refuse to be around the dolls for any extended period of time.

What do you think? Is it a crazy and irrational fear or is it possible that the dolls now host the spirits of children and adults that have since crossed over to the other side? Share your thoughts and opinions with us by commenting on this post.

12 thoughts on “Hanunted Porcelain: The Ghost Dolls Phenomenon

  1. Dolls were not originally made to be toys for children. There creation was as a receptacle for the souls of the dead. So the sweet little dolls we think of have a pretty sinister origin.

  2. I totally feel you, I was terrified of one of my sister’s dolls, who came from my uncle’s girlfriends house, which i had a paranormal experience as a kid, where the shower turned on while i was brushing my teeth. Anyway, the freaking thing seemed that it stared at you, its eyes followed you everywhere. When I go back tho my childhood home one day, I’m gonna get it from it’s storage in the attic and burn the hell out of it! lol

    1. And now I shall have nightmares because of your story. At least there is someone out there who feels my pain and terror regarding these creepy creations! LOL, thanks for your reply.

    2. Why don’t you just sell it ?? Im sure there are plenty of people who will buy a doll you believe to be haunted

  3. I once saw my doll moving… My doll was like as small as my hand, and when I held it in my hand, its head moved a bit.. I didn’t even touch its head… It was so creepy, I had nightmares just because of that. It was like the doll was trying to mov its head to bite my hand..

    1. I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing this! People laugh at me when I tell them dolls are creepy, you have verified this for me. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. Dolls are BEAUTIFUL artworks..I’m into porcelain and bjd and yes they are creepy only because they are very lifelike..wich is why I adore them..they do not belong in the trash..dispicibal humans like you do..and I don’t care what any one else replays to this comment I’m not changing my mind and don’t even try to insult me cause it ain’t gonna work

    1. No one is going to insult you, because unlike you, everyone here knows how to conduct themselves and not insult people because they have a difference of opinion.

      And now, because you are clearly incapable of conducting yourself in a non-antagonistic way, you are persona non grata on this blog. You can reply if you wish, but any further comment you make will be eaten up by the spam monster.

  5. Hey I believe 100% that not only can bad spirits embody these porcelain dolls but also good spirits as well. I know for a fact that this has happened more than once (my wife owns a few her dead grandmother gave her) her grandmother is a sweet woman (I’ve never met her alive) she doesn’t take over the dolls because she knows I’m scared crapless of them. Anyway recently I’ve found out from my wife that a ghost of a porcelain doll might be haunting our house (it hasn’t done anything to anyone but me it seems) the good thing is it hasn’t doNE anything to hurt or communicate yet but I’m afraid that it might one day. Not sure how to handle the situation because the only one to ever see it was my wife (I can see the spirits aswell but haven’t seen this one even though I’ve loved in this house almost ten years.)

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