Defying Explanation (And a Chance to Win a Prize)

We here at the Spirit Seekers consider ourselves open-minded. Of course we would have to be to do what we do, running into buildings and homes that are allegedly filled with ghosts, spirits, entities and who knows what. For the most part we typically do a good job at debunking claims, a majority of hauntings and paranormal experiences can be chalked up to high EMF levels in homes, sewer gas, or misunderstanding naturally occurring phenomenon as something paranormal.

We adhere closely to the Occam’s Razor Theory, being, when presented with two pieces of conflicting information, the most logical explanation is the typically the correct one. Every now and then we find ourselves confronted with something we can’t explain, that one piece of evidence or that one experience that truly haunts us because we can not explain it away.

For me, that defining moment was the old Library in Smackover, Arkansas and the demonic encounter a small group of investigators found themselves facing in the dead of night amidst elongated shadows that moved about between the dark rows of towering bookshelves and tables. It was seeing something emerge from a black mist only to recede back into the mist and disappear as quickly as it made its presence known. That was the defining moment for me as an investigator, the one moment when all my training, all my studying and all my cool went out the window. For one moment in time I was frozen, unable to move or make a sound, no picture was taken and no EVP was recorded. That moment, as terrifying and unexplainable as it was, was completely lost and has to now be chalked up as an unconfirmed personal experience.

It was real to me and has since been added to the long history of ghost stories in the small oil-boom town of Smackover.  There have been other moments that have caught me by surprise and shaken my skepticism to the core to the point that I can no longer claim that I am 100 percent skeptic.  I tend to lean more toward “believer” now, but it still takes a lot to convince me.

What are the moments you as a reader of this blog have encountered that lead you here? What is that one moment where despite you being a rational human being made you realize that we are simply not alone, that there are things beyond reason, beyond scientific logic, beyond good and bad at work in this universe?

For one reader it could be the moment her life was inexorably linked with the soul of a dying Air Force lieutenant as she was beside him as he passed from this world to the next as a result of a motorcycle accident. Perhaps it is the owner of a small home in Mayflower, Arkansas who deals with mischievous spirits who open and close cabinets and drawers and turns on television sets and who seems to hide out in the small attic room at the top of a long flight of stairs far from the prying eyes of the living.

Maybe it is the disembodied cries and the weeping and wailing heard from the battlefields of Gettysburg, PA or the shadow figure that haunts the underground tunnels in the historic Fort Morgan in AL.

Share with us your personal experiences here by replying to this post. Of the replies, we will pick a favorite and the author of the reply will win a prize.

Start sharing today, but please share only true experiences and keep the stories as clean as possible!

5 thoughts on “Defying Explanation (And a Chance to Win a Prize)

  1. I am not a skeptic.not in the paranormal world. I have been a psychic all my life but i didn’t know that. the day by day supernatural things that happened to me and not others left me saying oops. i had voices that guided me in what i had to do. If i ignored them things happened that set me on the right path. i read the Bible many times and came to the conclusion that ignorant or superstitious people had told me the wrong thing. there are spirits and they are just like us with feelings, intellighnt, lonely. I was directed to Fiona Broome’s site called Hollowhill. I devoured her articles. There was someone out there that thought as I did. spirits, parallel worlds, so much and I walked through the Portal, my mind is never ending. I can proudly say I am a psychic. I seek out spirits. or rather they seek me out.(that’s why I got your shirt. i wear it with pride). If I have trouble with a bad spirit I have good ones to help me straighten them out. i believe that UFO’s are people like us that never die. and that is Biblical. I know there are spirits that are suffering for some reason. If I can help,I will. what a beautiful world it would be if people would be willing to accept that they might be psychic.I am a telepath and things others said could not be done have been done.I work for good. we must use our abilities to help others. ghost hunter or psychic,.

  2. Susan:

    Thank you for the insightful response, you are definitely doing some great work in the field. I know several of us in the group who follow Fiona Broome. I am personally a fan of the way she is so grounded in her writing, something I and other contributors to the blog strive to emulate.

    As a fellow psychic, I as well as the other psychics and mediums in the group, agree whole-heartedly with your viewpoint that we must work for the good of the field and help those either move on or understand why they remain.

    Thanks again for your wonderful response!

    For those interested in learning more about Fiona Broome, please check out her fantastic website

    -Tony Harrington

  3. I was fascinated by the paranormal but didn’t believe any of it was true or only happened to other people. We never had any activity in our home till we put on a quite large addition to our house. One night I was asleep and my dog started barking like it was life or death and I saw a 5 ft cloaked shadow person come straight from the lit hallway straight into my bedroom and it wasn’t against the wall. I saw it head on and was frozen with fear that I couldn’t talk or scream. As I look back on it I believe it wasn’t evil or anything and I believe though it didn’t have any features I feel soon as I noticed that I was aware of it it disappeared into my dresser. Another night I heard conversation from a bunch of people but couldn’t understand what they were saying and it was in the middle of the night and nobody was outside anywhere and my father was woken up to and witnessed it. Some times strange things happen from the fall to winter but believe it may fall into a more transient haunting. I used to not believe there was a after life and it has changed my views.

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