Analyze This: What Is This EVP Saying?

The SPIRIT Seekers need your help in identifying what a possible EVP is saying.  I have listened to this EVP several times over and can not decipher what if anything is being said.

This EVP was captured in March of 2011 while the team investigated an abandoned hospital in Northwest Arkansas. I decided that I would just keep my digital voice recorder running while we walked down the long corridor. I state in the recording that the ends of the building creep me out for some reason then I go on to add that we are simply walking down the hall. A few minutes later there is a whisper that says something that I can not decipher. It may not even be an EVP, I did not tag anything externally that would cause this whisper-like sound.

The recording continues past the cut-off point of this sample without further similar sounds.

So, I am not sure what, if anything, was captured in this audio recording, but I would be interested in at least hearing from people who hear what I am hearing and hopefully they will provide some feedback on what they think is being said if there is indeed a word being spoken at all.

This audio has been edited by being cropped to isolate the anomaly and the moments preceding and following the anomaly. The actual “whisper” itself has been amplified using Audacity and is the only adjustment made/filter applied to the file.

6 thoughts on “Analyze This: What Is This EVP Saying?

  1. I really can’t make it out but it defintiely sounds like a whispered voice to me.

    The only thing I could guess at is that it seems to be two words, the first sounding like “you”.

    To be fair the “normal” speech in the clip isn’t too clear either, though I can understand it, so maybe I shouldn’t be too suprised that the whisper is unintelligible.

    1. I agree, it is not the clearest of EVP sessions, it actually wasn’t even a session. I had just decided to keep it going while we were walking down the hall. That’s me talking on the recording, the whisper just seems out of place. It may not even be a “whisper” but some other ambient sound.

      Thanks for giving it a listen though and seeing if you could figure it out. This should serve as a good example on the right and wrong conditions for capturing EVP’s.

      1. It does sound like that. I listened on a pair of really top-notch earphones and it also sounds like it says “It’s your” or “Chores” or something. This is the last time I record while walking. Trying to decipher faint noises with a lot of background noise if for the birds.

  2. Sounded like a pretty clear “choose” to me, at least if you play it from 10 seconds in so as not to get distracted by the normal voice.

  3. I forgot about this post. I took your advice and only played the “whisper”, and without the distracting lead in, it does indeed stand out as “Choose”. Not sure what it wanted us to choose. I wish I remember what we were talking about while walking.

    Good ear, Sandyi!

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