by Tony Harrington

Most paranormal investigators maintain day jobs. We do not get paid for our services provided to people wanting their claims of paranormal activity investigated so we live in the work-a-day world by day and schedule investigations on the weekends.

Weekends work best for most, including the client who also, most likely, works during the week. So it is standard operating procedure that our world of paranormal investigations exists mainly on the weekends. But sometimes, things can not wait.

There may be times when a home/business owner feels threatened by something they are experiencing, or children are involved in a haunting, or a family is simply at their wit’s end and need immediate intervention or flee from their home. It is in circumstances like this that a weekend model will not work.

Our team recognizes that situations can quickly escalate out of control and for a distressed client, waiting for the weekend is simply not an option. In response to these rare demands/needs, The SPIRIT Seekers has started the process of implementing a new Rapid Response Team. The RRT will consist of several dedicated individuals who can respond to these emergency situations quickly. This includes:

Returning emergency phone calls within an hour

Setting up an interview as soon as possible

Impromptu site visits

Escalated evidence review

Expedited Intervention (cleansing, Psychic readings, etc.)


The individual responding to inquiries will make the determination on a case-by-case basis as to if the case warrants a “Rapid Response”. The RRT adheres to the same high standards and code of ethics as our regular teams. Members of the RRT are leaders in the organization and possess extensive knowledge of the paranormal, types of haunting, varied religious backgrounds, some have psychic/medium abilities, and all are experienced paranormal investigators with over 20 years of combined experience.

We look forward to providing this new service to anyone who may need it. If you feel that you are encountering a paranormal event and you can not wait until the weekend and are in need of immediate response, please specify when contacting us that you wish to be considered for “Rapid Response”.

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