by Tony Harrington

noufoI got an email the other day from a reader of our blog who commented on the complete lack of UFO-related articles on our blog. They indicated that the UFO phenomenon falls squarely in the “Paranormal” realm, as it is above “para” the normal and by definition we owe it to the community to include articles and stories covering this particular facet of the para-community.

I couldn’t rightly argue or disagree with this reader, by definition, I suppose UFO and alien related phenomena do indeed occupy the same space as it relates to the paranormal.

It got me thinking as to why I have never written an article about UFO/Alien encounters. I suppose the simplest answer is that the topic simply does not interest me as much as the world of ghostly encounters. I find it funny that this UFO enthusiast had little to nothing to say about the complete lack of cryptozoological  entries, because that particular aspect of the unknown didn’t interest him.

So, I guess the main reason I don’t cover any topics other than ghosts is that it simply doesn’t interest me. That might be selfish, and it may seem like I am deliberately excluding an entire subset of our culture by not addressing phenomena outside of the spiritual aspect.

Another reason I don’t address the issues, aside from my personal preferences, is that this blog, though independently maintained and written almost exclusively by me, is branded with The Spirit Seekers moniker, the name of a paranormal investigation group of which I am a part. We do not investigate UFO claims, nor do we really conduct searches for Bigfoot and other cryptzoological creatures. Our area of expertise falls squarely in hauntings.

Lastly, when I started writing this blog I decided I was going to emulate one of the oldest paranormal sites out there: http://www.ghosts.org, which went by “ObiWan’s UFO-FREE Paranormal Page”. It was that page that ultimately lead me on my path to becoming a paranormal investigator and blogging about the supernatural world. When it came time to create my own blog, I decided that I too would stick with what interests me.

Besides, there are millions of UFO pages and blogs out there that completely exclude any reference to ghosts, so no one should take offence to the fact that we don’t feature UFO’s here on a mostly ghostly website.

If you crave a UFO fix, consider visiting the Mutual UFO Network at www.mufon.com

In the meantime, if there are any UFO or Cryptozoology enthusiasts who would like to approach me about the idea of UFOs or Bigfoot/other cryptids, feel free to reach out to me by replying to this post in the comments thread below. I am not opposed to someone else writing articles on these subjects, they just don’t personally interest me.

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