Selling Spirits-The Paranormal Marketplace

by Tony Harrington

forsaleThe Halloween season is fast approaching. It is the time of year that people everywhere embrace the paranormal and set about decorating their homes with ghastly items in an effort to replicate the stereotypical haunted house. All over the United States we see “Spirit of Halloween” stores open up with the sole purpose of catering to the desires of the average homeowner to bedeck their home with the ghoulish and garish.

As soon as the season passes, these stores close up shop and disappear until September of the following year when once again our desire to put up cobwebs, statues, and other relics of the paranormal begins to manifest.

However, you don’t have to wait until September to procure items guaranteed to raise your hackles and scare the living hell out of you.

The web is a veritable smorgasbord for anyone willing to part with a few dollars in an effort to own a small slice of scary. The difference between what the web has to offer and what is available mass market, is that the items for sale on the web just might come equipped with their own ghost.

Are you the type of person with the fortitude to bring a potentially haunted item into your home for the sole purpose of encountering authentic paranormal activity? If so, you are in luck. As it turns out, the internet is full of people who are looking to unload such items.

For some reason, any item that is allegedly haunted will set you back about 20 to 40 dollars. It seems to be the going rate for a ghost these days. Of course there are rare items whose owners are so confident in their claims of having a spirit attached that they are willing to part with it for 800 bucks instead of dropping it into the dumpster.

If you are in the market for a shoe box covered in wax that may or may not have items inside, then you are in luck. You can purchase your very own “Dybbuk” box, made popular by the film “The Possession”. But this is of course the “shoestring” budget version. The seller of these items seems to have an unlimited supply of mysterious boxes they found behind the wall of a home during an estate sale.

dibbukThe ad insists that you do not open the box lest you run the risk of demonic possession. It is also for serious investigators and “professionals” only. So, if you run a paranormal investigation team, or you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, then this is a treat!

If an old box containing a malevolent spirit gunning for your soul is not your cup of tea, perhaps you are looking for a haunted doll to give to your daughter whom you never really liked because you were hoping for a son. If that’s the case, eBay has a wide assortment of options.

lulaLula is a “Spirit Possessed” doll that was found at…oh, get this…an estate sale. Imagine that! The doll is allegedly old, dating back a whopping fifty years! The current owner is a psychic medium and claims the doll reached out to her and said that her name is Lula, who in life was a happy little girl, probably up until the point she died prematurely of a tragic illness, as opposed to a non-tragic illness that claims the lives of children.

You know the seller is legit because of their psychic abilities and of course the disclaimer that this doll is ONLY for psychic mediums and experienced paranormal investigators.

Perhaps shoe boxes and dolls just don’t hold the allure and luxe you desire in your haunted items. Perhaps your tastes extend beyond simple cat and child playthings. Perhaps what you are really desiring is a haunted wine goblet. If you want spirits to go along with your spirits then turn your eye to this beauty!

That’s right, this is a goblet of ire that the owner simply MUST get rid of for the low low price of $9.99

gobletofireFor under ten dollars you can own this glass that once belonged to a violent drunkard known for smacking up his wife and kicking around his child .The glass was found at…waaaaaaaaait for it…A MOTHERFLIPPING ESTATE SALE!  The spirit that is attached to this glass is mischievous and his haunts seem to be centered on the drink. He will knock the glass over, cause shot glasses to shatter and causes bottle of alcohol that you did not purchase to manifest inside your home. Wait…what? Are you telling me that this boozy ghost will actually keep my liquor cabinet full? Take all my money now!

I obviously make light of “haunted” objects for sale on the internet, but that is not to say that there are not legitimate items from estate sales that have spirits attached.

Do you currently have any items in your house that you have purchased that came with an unwanted attachment? Feel free to share your stories with us about your experiences with haunted items.

One thought on “Selling Spirits-The Paranormal Marketplace

  1. I found something that looks like a nut of some sort that glows green only at night. I took it into a closet during daylight hours and it did not glow but once night fell it glowed. Today is the third night I have had it… My wife makes me keep it outside she’s so weirder out about it. Going to the highest bidder. Not a hoax. I can be reached at 501_838_2242.

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