The Voice Within-The Spirit Guide Phenomenon

by Sandyi Offermann

spiritguide Throughout our life’s journey there may come times when we are on a path that has not been laid out for us. Somehow, we diverge and end up on the road not taken. It is then that we are in spiritual uncharted waters. It is during this time that we may get that nagging voice in the back of our minds that whisper to us that we are not where we are supposed to be. That voice guides our actions, rights our wrongs, and puts us back onto the straight and narrow so that we are once again in synchronous harmony with the life that we are destined to live.

That is not to say that our lives are fully mapped out for us, but we as creatures capable of higher thought and self-preservation sometimes need a nudge in the right direction. Should you take that new job? Should you go on that date? Should you take that shortcut through the dark alley on your way home from the club? (The answer to that last one will always be ‘no’!)

Most people make decisions and deal with the ramifications of those decisions by “listening to their gut”. It is instinct, something we all have, though some are more inclined to listen to it.

But just what is instinct really? What is that voice in the back of your mind that drives you?

For some believers, that voice belongs to a spirit guide.

It is believed that our spirit guide is assigned to us at birth and could be the spirit of a departed family member, a guardian angel, or a friend or loved one from a previous life who has been delegated to watch over us in our current form.

Some people believe that these spirit guides  help us through life, to guide us through our choices, or to put obstacles up when the choices that we make are veering us off the path  toward our destiny. Spirit guides  are not here to give you the exact answer but to simply act as a spiritual Sherpa as we traverse our existence.

According to believers in the existence of Spirit Guides, these entities are steering us clear of obstacles, and even other people, that can prevent us from reaching our enlightenment and earning our reward in the hereafter.

But is that voice we here in the back of our mind, and that feeling we get in the pit of our stomach, truly a spiritual guide or simply a manifestation of our own subconscious? We as humans do possess the ability to differentiate between right and wrong and know positive decisions from negative ones. Is the concept of a spirit guide or guardian angel an archaic and antiquated concept or do you feel that there is validity to the idea that such a being exists?

Have you personally encountered a decision that, had you avoided the voice in the back of your head, could have ended catastrophically?

Do you believe in the existence of Spirit Guides? 

Share your story by commenting on this article and let us know your experiences, belief, or lack thereof.

About the Author:

Sandyi Offermann  has been involved with the Paranormal & Supernatural  for over 3 decades. She has studied Occultism and is a Professional Medium, Reiki teacher , Holistic Therapist  .and has worked with various paranormal groups over the years . She teaches various tools and divination to others to help them move through this life with as much balance as possible .  Sandyi has studied and practiced Transpersonal Psychology (The psychology of spirituality and of those  areas of the human mind which search for higher meanings in life , and which move beyond the limited boundaries of ego .) 

“I keep an opened mind to all that is and all that could be . The Universe is vast and filled with knowledge . I am a seeker of the truth ! I believe that wisdom makes us stronger and compassionate to all . I am Student of the Universe .” -Sandyi Offermann

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