Has the Paranormal Bubble Finally Burst?

As of today, the number of cases organizations are getting has dwindled considerably, often weeks or months separate inquiries and actually landing an investigation has become burdensome. So what caused the sudden decline in paranormal popularity?

Hello From the Other Side: The Ouija Board Explained

by Sandyi Offermann Ouija Boards, also known as “spirit boards” or “talking boards” are a flat panel of glossed wood, cardboard, or other smooth surface adorned with the letters of the alphabet, numbers ranging from zero to nine, the words “Yes” and “No” and typically “Goodbye”. Along with the board there is a “planchette” which … Continue reading Hello From the Other Side: The Ouija Board Explained

The Voice Within-The Spirit Guide Phenomenon

by Sandyi Offermann Throughout our life's journey there may come times when we are on a path that has not been laid out for us. Somehow, we diverge and end up on the road not taken. It is then that we are in spiritual uncharted waters. It is during this time that we may get … Continue reading The Voice Within-The Spirit Guide Phenomenon

Heavy Meta Horror–Review of Paul Tremblay’s “A Head Full of Ghosts”

In Paul Tremblay’s “A Head Full of Ghosts”, a psychological horror love letter to William Peter Blatty’s “The Exorcist” and other exorcism-centric books and movies, we can see flashes of utter brilliance. There is enough shiver-inducing horror and enough biting social commentary contained within to fill volumes of books, all delivered with a knowing wink … Continue reading Heavy Meta Horror–Review of Paul Tremblay’s “A Head Full of Ghosts”

Selling Spirits-The Paranormal Marketplace

by Tony Harrington The Halloween season is fast approaching. It is the time of year that people everywhere embrace the paranormal and set about decorating their homes with ghastly items in an effort to replicate the stereotypical haunted house. All over the United States we see "Spirit of Halloween" stores open up with the sole … Continue reading Selling Spirits-The Paranormal Marketplace

That Haunting Sound

by Tony Harrington Being a skeptical paranormal investigator is a burden. In every larger organization there is bound to be a large subset of individuals who want to believe so deeply in the fact that the place they are investigating is haunted that they will overlook logical explanations in favor of accepting any noise or … Continue reading That Haunting Sound