A Most Uncertain Feeling (An extensive breakdown of our recent investigation)

by Tony Harrington A little over two years ago, I attended an investigation of a private residence in Mayflower, Arkansas. Little did I know at the time, that it would yield 2 significant personal experiences that would challenge my skepticism, but ultimately raise more questions than it answered. You can review the archives for "The … Continue reading A Most Uncertain Feeling (An extensive breakdown of our recent investigation)

Movie Review: The Ceremony

by Tony Harrington "The Ceremony" is a little movie that manages to pack a lot of scares into a well-paced one hour and twenty-four minutes. The film tells the story from the perspective of one man, the movie itself is pretty much a one man show with actor Scott Seegmiller (A relative unknown, this is … Continue reading Movie Review: The Ceremony


What Is Up With Doors Anyway? by Alan Lowe Lately my doors have been acting up or maybe the spirits in my house have discovered a new toy. The other day I was working in my study, I was home alone and I heard a door slam. It was a nice day and I had all … Continue reading HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIENCES

Haunted House Experiences

by Alan Lowe I am going to start adding to this blog some haunted experiences that I have in my house and yes, my house is haunted. I own a two-story house. The upstairs is empty except for furniture and my office. Most of the supernatural experiences either originate from upstairs or happen there. We have … Continue reading Haunted House Experiences