Book Review: Ancestors & Angels by Jane Cranmer

Reviewed by Tony Harrington In Jane Cranmer's debut novel "Ancestors & Angels"she reveals through whimsical tales and spine-tingling recollections what psychics and mediums have known all along: Death is not the end, it is simply the beginning. What separates Cranmer from every other psychic and medium who has uttered these words is the flair for storytelling … Continue reading Book Review: Ancestors & Angels by Jane Cranmer


by Tony Harrington If the belief that what we do in the past defines who we will be in the future, then for a million Americans (give or take a few), there are centuries-worth of experiences from which to pluck our current moral fiber. According to a recent "Pew Forum" survey, approximately 24% (1 in … Continue reading OLD SOULS: THE PAST-LIFE PHENOMENON