Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead

By Tony Harrington As with most paranormal tech, divining rods, commonly known as dowsing rods, have their beginnings outside the realm of paranormal investigations. Prior to being adapted and implemented by ghost hunters within their investigations, dowsing rods were simply a means by which individuals once searched for elements buried within the ground. These elements … Continue reading Divine Intervention: Using Divining Rods to Communicate with the Dead

Of God and Ghost: The Supernatural and the Religious

By Tony Harrington  I cannot attest to the experiences of paranormal groups across the United States, or for any other group here in the Natural State for that matter, but in reflecting upon our history of investigations I have noticed that surprisingly, there is a close tie to hauntings and spirituality.  More importantly, the types … Continue reading Of God and Ghost: The Supernatural and the Religious

A Spellbinding Primer on Modern Witchcraft

Tony Harrington In recent weeks I have received numerous requests for pieces on modern "Witchcraft", specifically, Wicca. Unfortunately, religion of any type is out of my area of expertise so I put a line out there asking anyone who may have information on the history of Wicca to respond should they be interested in providing … Continue reading A Spellbinding Primer on Modern Witchcraft


by Tony Harrington Dundalk is a historical unincorporated community situated along Maryland’s Bear Creek peninsula. The community was officially Founded in 1664 as Patapsco Neck when a British ship owner and captain Thomas Todd from Alexandria, Virginia purchased a tract of land there and built the first house which became known as Todd’s Inheritance. The … Continue reading CHRISTMAS PRESENCE

I’ll See You In My Dreams: The Shared Dream Phenomenon

by Tony Harrington In 2011, director Christopher Nolan introduced  the concept of shared dreaming with his film "INCEPTION". Within his world, it was possible for a group of hackers to consciously enter the subconscious mind of an individual, and either extract or implant information. Prior to the film though, the concept of shared dreaming had … Continue reading I’ll See You In My Dreams: The Shared Dream Phenomenon

Angels Among Us

by Tony Harrington The belief in guardian angels is not something new.  In fact, guardian and tutelary angels and their hierarchy was introduced into Christianity in the 5th century by Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite. Since then, there has been a firm and unwavering belief among Christians that God assigns guardian angels to serve, protect, and provide … Continue reading Angels Among Us


by Tony Harrington Most paranormal investigators maintain day jobs. We do not get paid for our services provided to people wanting their claims of paranormal activity investigated so we live in the work-a-day world by day and schedule investigations on the weekends. Weekends work best for most, including the client who also, most likely, works … Continue reading HOW SOON IS FAST ENOUGH?

Movie Review: The Ceremony

by Tony Harrington "The Ceremony" is a little movie that manages to pack a lot of scares into a well-paced one hour and twenty-four minutes. The film tells the story from the perspective of one man, the movie itself is pretty much a one man show with actor Scott Seegmiller (A relative unknown, this is … Continue reading Movie Review: The Ceremony

Book Review: Brian Niskala’s “Rhinehoth”

Reviewed by Tony Harrington Last month I wrote a review for F. Paul Wilson's "The Keep", a novel that tells the story of a massive structure built centuries ago and an evil vampiric entity that lurks within the walls and a hero destined to stop that evil from escaping and infesting the world. This month's … Continue reading Book Review: Brian Niskala’s “Rhinehoth”

Haunted House Experiences

THE WHO CHILDREN by Alan Lowe I wrote a story a while back called the Who Children of Orange Beach. It was a fiction story about all of the children that drown at sea and how on stormy nights they come to visit looking for other children to join them. It was told on a … Continue reading Haunted House Experiences