Spirit Seekers Investigator Report (Not the official "final" report) Investigator: Tony Harrington Investigation #: 10152011 Location: Private Residence De Queen, Arkansas Date of Investigation: October 15, 2011 Time of Investigation: 20:30 hrs – 01:00 hrs (4.5 hrs total) Team: Colyn Bowman (Team Lead), Lorne Jones, & Tony Harrington Evidence Docket: Total Digital Photos Collected: 80 … Continue reading INVESTIGATION REPORT: PRIVATE RESIDENCE DE QUEEN, AR


by Tony Harrington Most paranormal investigators maintain day jobs. We do not get paid for our services provided to people wanting their claims of paranormal activity investigated so we live in the work-a-day world by day and schedule investigations on the weekends. Weekends work best for most, including the client who also, most likely, works … Continue reading HOW SOON IS FAST ENOUGH?

You Can’t Outrun Crazy

by Tony Harrington When a person contacts our group, most of the time they do so with trepidation and concern that the voice on the other end is silently judging them or laughing at them. I think that is a huge factor as to why most groups don't get that many calls in the grand … Continue reading You Can’t Outrun Crazy

Analyze This: What Is This EVP Saying?

The SPIRIT Seekers need your help in identifying what a possible EVP is saying.  I have listened to this EVP several times over and can not decipher what if anything is being said. This EVP was captured in March of 2011 while the team investigated an abandoned hospital in Northwest Arkansas. I decided that I … Continue reading Analyze This: What Is This EVP Saying?

Haunted House Experiences

THE WHO CHILDREN by Alan Lowe I wrote a story a while back called the Who Children of Orange Beach. It was a fiction story about all of the children that drown at sea and how on stormy nights they come to visit looking for other children to join them. It was told on a … Continue reading Haunted House Experiences

Official Website Updated

Our Co-Founder Angela Lowe has been hard at work updating the official website and we here at the blog think it looks fantastic. If it has been some time since you last visited our home on the web then stop by and see what has been added. New theme, updated recent investigation profiles, updated … Continue reading Official Website Updated


What Is Up With Doors Anyway? by Alan Lowe Lately my doors have been acting up or maybe the spirits in my house have discovered a new toy. The other day I was working in my study, I was home alone and I heard a door slam. It was a nice day and I had all … Continue reading HAUNTED HOUSE EXPERIENCES

Sherwood, Arkansas Private Residence Investigator Report

by Tony Harrington Investigator Report: Tony Harrington Date of Investigation: Saturday November 27, 2010 Time of Investigation: 8:00 p.m.-1030 p.m. CST Team: Alan Lowe, Christina South, Tony Harrington (THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL SPIRIT SEEKERS FINAL REPORT. THIS REPORT CONSISTS OF DATA/OPINIONS/VIEWS/EVIDENCE OF 1/3 OF THE INVESTIGATIVE TEAM. THE FINAL REPORT WILL USE THIS REPORT … Continue reading Sherwood, Arkansas Private Residence Investigator Report


I have written several articles about the psychic phenomenon, and for the most part I have been rather defensive about the existence of such phenomenon.  Why? Because I am one. That's a rather bold statement, I know. For the most part I would balk at such a statement if made by others, in fact I … Continue reading IF YOU’RE PSYCHIC YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING


by Tony Harrington I had a friend tell me a story a few years ago that I almost forgot about until I started hunting for a topic for the next article. (That would be this one.) She came into the office one morning looking particularly worn out and not at all well rested. She was … Continue reading SEEING DOUBLE: THE DOPPELGANGER PHENOMENON