Spirit Seekers Investigator Report (Not the official "final" report) Investigator: Tony Harrington Investigation #: 10152011 Location: Private Residence De Queen, Arkansas Date of Investigation: October 15, 2011 Time of Investigation: 20:30 hrs – 01:00 hrs (4.5 hrs total) Team: Colyn Bowman (Team Lead), Lorne Jones, & Tony Harrington Evidence Docket: Total Digital Photos Collected: 80 … Continue reading INVESTIGATION REPORT: PRIVATE RESIDENCE DE QUEEN, AR

Haunted House Experiences

by Alan Lowe I am going to start adding to this blog some haunted experiences that I have in my house and yes, my house is haunted. I own a two-story house. The upstairs is empty except for furniture and my office. Most of the supernatural experiences either originate from upstairs or happen there. We have … Continue reading Haunted House Experiences