Farewell and Good Luck Jason Hall

August 31st, 2010 marks the end of a Spirit Seekers era. Our dear friend Jason Hall will be leaving us after several years in service with the organization.

Team member Jason Hall leaves The Spirit Seekers after several years service.


Those of us who have had the privilege of working an investigation with Jason know that we are losing a valuable voice in the field. The voice that keeps us grounded, humble and reminds us that not everything we encounter is paranormal.

Aside from being a top-notch investigator, Jason has also served on the membership committee and has been a team leader and right-hand man of co-founder Alan Lowe.  He is co-author (along with Lowe) of the popular “The Ghosts of Little Rock: Tales of the City’s most Haunted Places” and the soon to be released follow-up “The Supernatural State”.
Jason’s departure leaves some big shoes to fill and it is our most sincere hope that we can live up to the standards that he set.

We wish you the best of luck Jason Hall and we want you to know how terribly missed you will be but also know that you are leaving behind a group that has grown stronger, learned more, and accomplished the most of any group in the state because you were a part of it.





One thought on “Farewell and Good Luck Jason Hall

  1. Thanks, Tony. I appreciate the kind words. I really will miss Spirit Seekers and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of working with these last few years. The camaraderie and experiences will never be forgotten.

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