14 Theories on Monsters

The following article contains opinions and views belonging solely to the writer of the article and does not necessarily reflect the views and/opinions of The Spirit Seekers.

by S.M. Belekurov

The term “window area” is a label most paranormal researchers are familiar with.   This term denotes areas that have a prolonged history of supernatural activity. Reports come from multiple witnesses over months, years and even decades. These places often have multiple phenomena occurring, one phenomenon merging in an almost seamless manner into another, seemingly separate, phenomenon. UFO witnesses often encounter poltergeist (psychokinetic) activity after a sighting. Crop-circles are often accompanied by orbs and/or livestock/pet mutilation. In these places the phenomena also has a distinct feeling of interaction with the observers.

The field of paranormal research benefited enormously from the recent mainstream acceptance we emphasized earlier. More and more experts lend their titles and credibility to our collective research. Change is in the air, and we are falling further down the rabbit-hole everyday. So now let’s examine some of the more popular views on the underlying areas of high-strangeness. We will lean on Brad Steiger’s list in “Monsters Among Us” and add a few of our own interpretations and theories as we go.


1)Monsters as Archetypes: This theory suggests that “Bigfoot, sea monsters, werewolves and the like may be quasi-real creatures that are manufactured by the human collective unconscious,” as put forth by Steiger in “Monsters Among Us.” My personal view is this may have some merit, especially in window areas where our minds are predisposed to expectations of paranormal phenomena.

Any event, even if amorphous and ambiguous, does manifest in “objective” reality but our personal belief structures how we experience it. In this theory the appearance of a specific entity is superimposed onto an established belief of the witness (archetype template). For example each “Mothman” sighting reinforces this specific entity’s basis in reality. Now, our skeptical counterparts will point out that if you expect to see something, your mind will oblige you, and it’s a point well taken.

But we would pose the philosophical paradox and ask the skeptic if such phenomena could not be a part of a physical, albeit subjective, reality? Educator and author John White describes how he “interprets Jungian archetypes as energetic thought fields” accessible through “dreams, meditations and altered states of consciousness.” He suggests that there may be large, previously unrecognized dimensions of physical events in which there may be highly evolved entities who exist to “influence and guide human affairs.”

2)Paraphysical Supernatural Entities: This idea is basically that demons, fairies, elves, etc. move in and out of our dimension for reasons of their own, and these motives are largely hidden from humans. This theory assigns a level of harassment to most entities. The converse of these tricksters would be angels, saints and other venerated beings affiliated with the white.

This is a construct employed by Christian and Islamic beliefs were devils and demons roam the Earth as the deceivers of mankind. In Cabalist tradition, demons are said to have been the original inhabitants of the planet, survivors of a Universe that was on a previous plane of existence. They are etheric beings of less physical substance but who can physically/spiritually manifest when they desire to do so.

3)Flesh-and-Blood Cryptid: This theory holds that Bigfoot, lake monsters, Kraken and their kin are 100 percent physical creatures, just extremely rare and elusive ones. This is supported through physical evidence such as footprints (with and without dermal ridges) hair and other sources of DNA that is unidentifiable and not catalogued anywhere known to science. Of course proponents of this theory scrunch up their faces at the mere mention of a cryptid sighting in physical proximity to or with an intersecting time-line of another unexplained event. Yet it is common to see credible mystery animal sightings

4)Citizens of Hollow Earth: While this theory reached its height of popularity in the ‘70s and ‘80s, it still has its adherents. This theory believes that the planet’s mantle is honeycombed and that the inside of the Earth is hollow. The idea is that in these spaces are parallel, and usually advanced, societies that have always existed or, alternatively, perhaps driven underground to escape some global catastrophe. Many native cultures believe this (Hopi and Navajo) as well as some religious sects among Buddhists and the Norse. This is the place aviator Admiral Byrd visited in his world beyond the poles. There are other accounts and some anomalous activity to support this claim but nothing concrete. This is the home of Palmer’s deros, goblins and reptilians in paranormal literature.

5)Chronomads and Creatures from Time and Space: This theory applies to time/dimensional travelers as well as out-of-place animals like our Wisconsin elephants and kangaroos, Texas dinosaurs and nationwide encounters with black panthers. The idea is that these creatures move in and out of our reality through some kind of dimensional doorway or, as in the case of the dinosaur, exist as a ghost of a physical creature no longer on this planet.

6)String/Multidimensional Theory: Currently the most popular and promising theory in the realm of theoretical physics, he general idea is that there are infinite Universes parallel to our own, and sometimes they spill-over into our dimension. A slight variation on this theory is that these other dimensions are always present, just invisible in our everyday light spectrum. This would cover activity that happens in the Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrums, which is just as real as activity seen with the naked eye, but only visible through modern scientific tools.

There are reports from people who claim to have transversed this reality, briefly stepping into another period of time or even an alternative world. The most common theme repeated in interaction with entities of this kind is their tendency to fade from visibility.

7)Planetary Poltergeist Theory: A particularly interesting possibility, Poltergeist activity is almost always attributed to an individual who is going through traumatic changes, i.e. adolescents with raging hormones, with the phenomena being a subconscious psychokinetic expression of the angst within. The idea is that this kind of activity is mirrored by the planet itself in times of extreme duress (shifting tectonic plates, massive global changes etc.) with extreme changes triggering the externalization of a kind of planetary temper tantrum in which the veil of reality becomes thin, allowing semi-interactive experiences with ghosts, psycho-kinesis and “interdimensional” beings. This is consistent with the observation that werewolf reports spike in times of planetary peril (WWII, Cuban Missile Crisis, etc.)

8)Conjuration and Summoning Theory: In this theory, otherworldly entities are summoned through magical invocations and arcane ritual. These beings that are manifested and brought to this plane of existence to serve the one who conjured them, usually to perform some specific task. To examine the role of symbols as points of fixation in magical practice see our “Lycan Clan” chapter. The werewolf phenomena, has a very strong element of idol worship and totemism involved.

9)Entity Answering Psychic/Spiritual Need: This theory was suggested by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark among others. The idea is that when a certain need is present in a person, that person’s subconscious manifests itself as a teacher to either assist in spiritual understanding or provide a personal revelation. This would be consistent with both Jung’s and our own archetype theory.

10)Cultural Source Hypothesis: This theory states that any and all unexplained occurrences are filtered by the mind of the observer and interpreted through the individual’s belief system. The Fatima miracle in Portugal in 1917 would fit this type. In Fatima, up to 40,000 people saw the sun behave in opposition to cosmic law as prophesied by three children who claimed to have seen a vision of the Virgin Mary. Depending on your perceptions you may have seen a zigzagging sun, a UFO or the Blessed Virgin Mary. Depending on the individual’s belief system, nighttime abductions are carried out by either fairies or aliens, using the same general MO including bright lights, unseen presences, paralysis, levitation and often sexual contact. Old Hag syndrome and Succubus phenomena, which often occur in a state known as sleep paralysis, exhibit similar parallels.

11)Extraterrestrial Experiments: This hypothesis advocates that extraterrestrial entities have planted “monsters” here to study us. Their psychological, anthropological and/or sociological experts study our responses to these creatures to obtain a better understanding of human behavior. I will add that this is not a usual method in research; you can only learn so much from gauging responses to a highly unusual experience. The patterns would be errant; as they are when our scientists study only one aspect of human behavior.

 12)Holographic Projection: This theory posits that monsters are nothing more than highly evolved holographic images projected for nefarious purposes by ETs or covert G-men to study behavior as in the previous theory, but also in an attempt to keep people away from military/alien installations or points of interest.

13)Genetic Misfits: Most commonly associated with reports of the chupacabra, which in one story is the horrific result of a genetically altered alien (EBE/ABE) escaped from a U.S. military installation in Puerto Rico. This has folkloric resonance in the ancient world were grotesque entities were formed when gods and animals/humans had sex and the modern equivalent where aliens genetically manipulate animals and humans, spawning monstrosities to roam the Earth in former days. Centaurs, Minotaurs, griffins and so on are examples of this theory.

14)Teaching Mechanisms: A theory that states that these entities and experiences are an effort, either by beings of a higher level of consciousness that are native to the planet or extraterrestrials, to force us to amend our worldview so we can experience a broader reality. The individual who solves this cosmic puzzle gains a greater understanding of existence and mankind’s role in the Universe. This is consistent with magical practice where one must master an initiatory level before gaining access to the next level of awareness. The information is sometimes personal but often a word or image revealed by the entity in charge of that level of reality. Solve the enigma and the process begins anew.

It could be that most monster sightings occur in out-of-the-way places not just by chance, or because such places provide a beneficial habitat away from these entities’ presumed predator, man. It could also be that an element of the wild affects the brain’s associative behaviors. In the wild you let your psychological guard down; you escape the social trappings of modern life. You expect to experience things out of the ordinary, unlike people’s routine life in everyday consciousness.

About the Author: S.M. Belekurov is a Field Investigator, Paranormal Profiler, author”2012:The Paranormal Cookbook(Convergence of Reality and the Supernatural)” Contributor to “Paranormal Underground” magazine, epicparanormal.com, perception9.com,thespiritseekers.org, APA charter member (Cryptozoology)

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