Monthly Meetings Could Go Virtual

by Tony Harrington

In our continuing effort to ensure that our team members receive the most up to date training, we are in the process of launching our virtual classroom.  All members will need is access to a computer with a high-speed connection (sorry dial-up users) and the secret password to the virtual classroom.

We will continue to work out the technical issues with this new technology prior to launch which should be in the next two months or so.

What does this mean for our members? It means, that while we enjoy seeing your smiling face at our physical location on the second Saturday of every month, we understand that making it to every meeting may not be possible for some people for various reasons.  However, according to our by-laws, members are required to attend a certain number of meeting lest they be removed from active status.

This technology will allow users to virtually attend our monthly meetings and interact with the class from the comfort of their own home and not have to worry about being removed from investigation eligibility.

We will keep you updated as the progress on our virtual classroom is made and we will provide users with the password to the room. The password changes every month so you will be provided a password on an “as-needed” basis.

Until the implementation of this program, please plan to attend meetings as scheduled.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Meetings Could Go Virtual

  1. Good idea guys, though it would not replace seeing all the guys and girls in person. Looking forward to checking it out. Thanks, Richard

    1. Thanks for the response Richard. You are right, the virtual environment is not meant to take the place of physical meetings. It is meant to serve as a way to attend if for some reason you can not make it. The content will also be recorded and made available for people to watch should they have to miss the meeting completely.

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